What a difference the right set of eyelashes makes

Easily enhance all of your features

Find the perfect pair of eyelashes to finish your look brilliantly

Eyelashes work in the same way as clothes do. If you wear something ill fitted, too big, too small, not the right shape or colour it wouldn’t flatter you in the same way something that suited your shape would. Thats exactly how makeup and eyelashes work. If for example you have fairly small eyes and you decide to create a dark black smokey eye with the fullest set of eyelashes you can find, it won’t enhance your features in the best way.You can of course refer to our eyelash guide for more help choosing the right eyelashes to suit you.

Here we want to show you how to use makeup and eyelashes to best enhance your features and just how much difference applying the right pair of eyelashes makes.




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2 thoughts on “What a difference the right set of eyelashes makes

  1. I agree, without lash extensions, women’s life would be emptier. ;)) As a show girl, I have to use them or to wear falsies, but it would be a great mistake not to take a proper care of my own lashes. on my days off, i never go to sleep without night cream and some cherish lash conditioner on my lashes! so at least i don’t look like a ruin in the morning, no matter how exhausted i was lately. 😉

    1. It sounds like you’re taking great care of your lashes Marissa. I think naturally lash extensions are a little bit more damaging to the eyelashes thats why we designed the range around lashes that could be disguised as lash extensions.
      If you ever want to try a pair pop an email over to [email protected] for some money off.

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