Get the Kendall Jenner Look

It’s only fair to admit that Kendall Jenner always looks effortlessly beautiful.

Who else can casually sit round in a bright red jumper with a killer red lip and not look OTT. Her makeup is flawless and we have a little secret weapon that will help you get that Kendall Jenner look.

Notice how her skin always looks like velvet, not too heavily contoured just flawless. Focus on a really nice flattering foundation that will suit your skin and lightly contour the hollow of your cheek bones and around your temples. Add a neutral coloured blusher for a slight touch off colour but nothing too out there. Fill in your brows sufficiently with a shade that is 1-2 shades darker than your hair- at CINK we love the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip brow. Try it with an angled brush and you will fall in love with your eyebrows.

We designed our latest range of 3 dimensional luxury mink eyelashes to be super wispy and who rocks wispy eyelashes? Kendall! The strands of cruelty free luxury mink hairs are 3D and so curly they look just like Russian volume eyelashes just without the high maintenance up keep and lengthy appointment time- oh and not forgetting the expense of it!!

To get eyelashes just like Kendall try our ‘ Wing It‘ lashes that are on sale at the minute for just £9.99 and talk about getting your moneys worth, when you are careful with CINK mink eyelashes you can wear them up to 10+ times!

Wispy 3d eyelashes
‘Wing It’ in action
Kendall Jenner red lipstick
  Kendall Jenner makeup tips
Extra curly extra wispy 3D mink eyelashes in ‘Wing it’



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