CINK Creative – Find the perfect eyelashes for your eye shape

Which eyelashes suit my eye shape?


Our eyelash guide will help you find the perfect eyelashes from our collection to best suit and enhance your eye shape


CINK Eyelashes 05

CINK Tip – The trick with small eyes is not to add anything too big and heavy thinking it will make your eyes look bigger; this will only close them somewhat. Similar to hooded eyes something light, wispy and varied in length will open up the eyes. Possibly try a cat eyes shape to widen the eye too!

CINK Eyelashes 04

Prominent eyes couple best with more subtle lashes that help lessen the definition of your eyes, Something soft and slight will enhance this eye shape without enhancing the size.

CINK Eyelashes 02

Most false lashes look amazing on almond eyes – lucky! To play up to the cat-like shape try lashes that flare out on the corner. Otherwise try something fluttery and natural.

CINK Eyelashes 06

If you’re lucky enough to have deep set eyes you can pretty much carry any pair of lashes you wish! Especially fuller, longer lashes that help to bring your eyes forward.

CINK Eyelashes 01

Round eyes pair well with any lashes that maximise the width of your eye. We advise long and wispy or perhaps a lash style that gradually fans out.

CINK Eyelashes 07

To make downturned eyes a feature pair them with “winged out” lashes. This helps to create a a lifting effect to the outer corners of your eyes.

CINK Eyelashes 03

Enhance hooded eyes with light lashes that vary in length with some short and long strands. These lashes will fit comfortably on hooded eyes and create the illusion of a crease.