Putting eyelashes on myself- How to

Ever tried to apply your false eyelashes and you’ve already spent 15 frustrating minutes and you’ve only got as far as sticking one closer to your eyebrow than your lash line?

Well we have some expert tips to make the process a whole lot easier!

Your false eyelashes should be applied after your eye makeup is done. Avoid applying your mascara until your lashes are securely on and the glue is dry.

Step 1. Refer to our eyelash help for the perfect lashes for your eye shape. This will make a big difference in the end result.

Step 2. Carefully take the lashes off their plastic casing by pulling the clear case right back. Hold the eyelash between your finger and thumb and gently pull from the outer corner away from the clear tray. If you are heavy handed doing this you may pull some of the strands of hair out of place.

Step 3. Hold each corner of the lash with both hands measure the eyelash against your eye. The trick is to leave between 1-2mm gap from the inner corner of your eye so if the lash is a little bit too long always trim the excess away from the OUTER corner. It may seem strange to cut from the outer corner if it is too long on the inner corner but the the majority of the length is most likely to be on the outer corner therefore you can spare the bits you cut away!

If you’re eyelashes aren’t cut to fit your own eye they will irritate you all day!

Step 4. When you’re using the blue tint glue you get with your CINK lashes use the screw top small spatula to apply a fair amount of glue to the entire band and a little bit underneath it without getting glue on the eyelash strands. Leave this to go tacky for 15-30 seconds.

Step 5. Once you have waited for the glue is tacky put a small mirror on a surface below you and use this mirror to apply the eyelashes. Having the mirror underneath your eye will give you a better view of where to stick the eyelash. Starting with either the inner or outer corner, you should aim for the base of your real lash line right on top of your own lashes and secure them in place. Pinch together to ensure the lashes are on properly or you may prefer to use tweezers to pinch them together. Blink a couple of times to check that they feel comfortable. If you any discomfort or they are pinching you slightly on the inside of your eye you made need to take it off and trim away a bit more of the lash before you reapply.

Step 6. Now apply your mascara, this will help your natural lashes and your false eyelashes blend together.

Step 7. If you can still see a gap between your real lashes and your false eyelashes don’t worry about taking it off and starting again you can always disguise the gap with some black eyeliner.



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