Naked Lashes – wispy and invisible

When we say naked lashes what we really mean is undetectable lashes.

Those eyelashes that you would need to look super closely to tell that their not your own. These Eyelashes are hand crafted onto a see though band so there is nothing to disguise.

Where you may be used to having to hide eyelash bands with black liquid eyeliner, our lash styles Butterfly Kiss, Holy Grail and Bagheera are all hand crafted onto a clear band so you don’t need any eyeliner at all. You can just go ahead with no eye makeup and a set of these lashes and no one would even know they’re false! Voila – naked lashes!

Think Kylie Jenner. She rocks naked eyelashes with a nude eye and matte lip. The best way to apply these lashes is just to add a bit of mascara to the very root of your lashes so that they blend in with the false lashes. Apply a generous amount of our free blue tint glue to the eyelash band (on the band and a bit underneath), leave it for 30 seconds to go tacky and apply directly on the natural lash line.

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