Best Makeup at the Oscars 2017

The Oscars 2017

Our favourite Makeup looks from the Red Carpet


The best Makeup from the Oscars
Emily Ratajkowski
One of our absolute favourite makeup looks was created by Hung Vanngo for Emily Ratajowski. Hung seems to have mastered the look of sheer elegance when he applies makeup to his endless list of celebrity clients, including the likes of Selena Gomez, Cindy Crawford, Katy Perry and many more. The eye makeup is the feature here and the metallic blue/grey eyeshadows used make Emily’s eyes pop and match her silver beaded dress brilliantly. We also particularly enjoy the extra highlighter used on her shoulder to give that extra glow for the red carpet.

To recreate this look concentrate on a blown out smokey eye with some grey transitional eyeshadow colours and a metallic teal colour on the main part of the eyelid. Team this with CINK Holy Grail wispy eyelashes- perfect for adding depth to the look without taking away from the eyeshadow.


Second Favourite on our list


CINK Be Boujie Eyelashes
Sofia Carson

We’re a big fan of timeless looks and Patrick Ta does just that. With minimal eye makeup and a classic red lip, Sofia Carson looks simply beautiful! The general rule go’s, do either heavy eye makeup or a strong lip. Patrick Ta executes a flawless velvet look with the skin and a matte red lip but without having totally bare eyes the focus on the eyes are the eyelashes. If you want to copy this look focus on your skin and lips and simply apply CINK Be Boujie eyelashes to complete the look. Sometimes you can add a pair of eyelashes without any eye makeup at all and they will add a touch of glamour to the entire look.

Look No.3

Celebrity makeup
Shanina Shaik

Lets admit, it is easy too look unbelievable when your a supermodel with diamonds around your neck and a celebrity makeup artist on hand but we have to hand it to her, Shanina Shaik slays this look! Makeup phenomenon Charlotte Tilbury created this stunning look with some killer contour and cheekbones we would all love! Her eye makeup looks sharp but subtle with a simple flick on her upper lid, this adds drama without being too harsh or heavy. Try this look with CINK Bagheera Eyelashes that elongate on the outer corners.






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