Blue eyes – Tips to make your eyes pop!

Eyes are without a doubt the most enchanting feature on the face.

Blue eyes are so calming yet so intense which is why it isn’t difficult to make them pop. You don’t need a huge amount of colour to enhance blue eyes.


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Hey Blue eyes, firstly,before applying any eyeshadow always make sure you have removed any excess oils from your eyelid and prime the eye with either an eye primer, a concealer or even a little bit of foundation. This cancels out any natural colour on the eyelid which means you will get much more colour from your eyeshadow and it will make it last longer.

To really enhance blue eyes use warm earthy colours. It may seem a scary concept but orange works incredibly well, the contrast against the blue makes blue eyes stand out a mile off.

That’s not to say lather your eyes in the brightest orange eyeshadow, you can always multi-layer the shadows- perhaps orange with a bit of bronze and some brown eyeshadow in the outer corners.

Where you can use matt eyeshadows, glittery shadows can often take away from the bright in a blue eye. In the photo below we have used orange tones with some copper and brown shadow too and of course our “Holy Grail” eyelashes. They’re light and wispy and enhance any eye makeup. Generally speaking eyelash wise, with blue eyes stick to the more natural wispy eyelashes that aren’t to dense and black because you don’t want to shadow your bright eyes. Our Holy Grail lashes especially suit this rounded blown out smokey look because the majority of the length is in the middle of the lash which really helps open up the eyes.

Keep us up to date with the looks you create, simply hashtag #ThinkCink on instagram and the name of the lash style.



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