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Added Drama – Luxury 3D Mink


You simply can’t deny the quality of these eyelashes. Every strand of silky smooth fur is perfectly curled. Just like eyelash extensions in the form of a strip eyelash. Without the price tag or the effort.

*DISCLAIMER*  Added Drama aren’t for the faint hearted, get ready to make a statement.

3D eyelashes in Luxury Mink. Get the look of Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions without the price tag or the effort.

Perfect for wide set eyes, protruding eyes, round eyes, deep set eyes

Goes great with A super dark sultry smokey eye

Perfect with A super sexy smokey eye

Made from 100% Cruelty free luxury mink

wearable 10+ times





Get The Look Of Eyelash Extensions With 3D CINK

Are you sick of spending hundreds of pounds on eyelash extensions or stacking up pairs of eyelashes to achieve a full and fluffy look. Get your hands on CINK 3D mink eyelashes. These lashes are multi dimensional. That mean you the look of Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions in one strip eyelash. So much faster and so much cheaper. Plus, when you treat them with TLC you can wear them several times.

These eyelashes are hand tied to a moveable black band and the clusters of eyelashes are 3 dimensional with a perfect hand tipped curl, symmetrical from the centre.CINK 3D lashes are perfect for Added Drama!

The Latest Craze

3D mink eyelashes are the latest craze and it’s no wonder when your lashes look this good. Forget mink eyelash extensions, save your money for a new dress to team with your CINK lashes.

As a top tip, we advise not to use any mascara on the strip lash, simply add a little to the root of your lashes.

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Free Eyelash Adhesive Included!


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