Baby Grail


Baby Grail, the little (but just as great) sister of CINK Holy Grail eyelashes are ideal for those who want the look of lash extensions. Just as many of the CINK lashes are. The clusters of fine hair strands are hand-tied to a clear band that makes for; easy application, comfortable wear and the best part, looking marrying together with your own eyelashes to look just like lash extensions.

Perfect for anyone with naturally short eyelashes. Anyone who wears glasses

Goes Great With A natural everyday look

Made From Synthetic Fibres


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Get The Look Of Lash Extensions For Just £6.99

CINK Baby Grail eyelashes are just like lash extensions but better. The eyelash strands are no longer than 7mm. Which makes these CINK eyelashes the best eyelashes to wear if you want a super subtle look that will naturally enhance your own lashes- just like lash extensions.

Do Your False Eyelashes Touch Your Glasses?

If you’re a fan of false eyelashes but you have naturally short eyelashes or you wear glasses and are sick of falsies touching your glasses. Get your hands on some CINK Baby Grail eyelashes. Each of the lash strands vary between 4-7mm.

Try Them On The Bottom

The alternative factor about these fabulous eyelashes is that the length of the strands means that you can wear them on the top or bottom. Give it a try. Bottom lashes are not for the faint hearted.


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