Turn Up – 3D Silk


CINK 3D Silk Eyelashes


These are the perfect pair of eyelashes to accompany any style of makeup. If you do dark and daring or soft and subtle. These 3d lashes offer ultra-comfort, curl and volume. Each Strand of silk varies in size to replicate how natural eyelashes grow. Whatever shape eyes you were blessed with, Turn Up 3d Silk eyelashes will enhance your natural beauty. As for any CINK eyelashes when you treat them with TLC, you can wear them on more than one occasion.



Perfect For Any Eye Shape

Goes Great With Whatever Makeup Look You Desire

Made From The finest quality 3D Silk



Turn Up with CINK 3D Exceptional Silk Eyelashes

The greatest thing about this style of 3D Silk Eyelashes is that all of the drama is hand tied to a clear band.  Just like our best selling lashes, Holy Grail, Baby Grail and Butterfly Kiss.  That means there’s no need to try and disguise the band with makeup and eyeliner because it’s all so seamless. Not to mention they’re lighter than air!

Turn Up

Every strand of 3d silk is made from the best quality fine silk fibres that replicate mink hair. Turn up 3D Silk Eyelashes are designed to sit flush against your natural eyelashes. Once they’re applied they marry into your eyelashes and really help to open the eyes up. Whatever makeup style you’re rockin’, CINK Turn Up 3D eyelashes will upgrade it. 


Free Eyelash Adhesive Included!



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