What eyelashes should I wear for my Wedding?

As a bride what eyelashes should I wear for my Big Day?

Ok, so your big day is coming up, you have your dress, hair, flowers and cake sorted and now you are undecided whether to wear false eyelashes or not. You want to look glam and beautiful but still like yourself- not to look like you and your eyelashes could take off at any time. You need wedding eyelashes to subtly enhance the look you’re going for. Not only that, you will be wearing you’re eyelashes all day and the last thing you want is something heavy and uncomfortable or a bit of the lash band poking and irritating your eyes all day- or even worse your strip lashes hanging off before you’ve even had your first dance. Your strip lashes should feel comfortable and light and be on securely, the last thing you should be worrying about on your wedding day is whether you’re false eyelashes are on and still in tact.

To achieve this look,try our super comfortable strip eyelashes, especially styles, Nearly Nude , Holy Grail and Butterfly Kiss all of which will enrich your look in an undetectable way. All of these styles; perfect as wedding eyelashes are extremely light weight and the quality fibres are hand crafted onto a thin band so once they’re on and the glue is dry you won’t even be able to feel that you’re wearing them. The strands of hair are all different lengths (just as your natural eyelashes are) therefore they blend in with your own eyelashes and simply add the perfect amount of length and volume to your eyes-perfect for that beautiful bridal look.

bridal look
Gorgeously subtle wispy lashes in Holy Grail


If you’re going for a winged eyeliner on your Wedding day CINK eyelashes in Bagheera will pair perfectly, wispy and lightweight and wing out at the corner.

If you’re wedding is coming up and you would like some more guidance on choosing the right eyelashes for you send us a photo of your eyes and desired look to [email protected] and we will be able to advise you on the perfect eyelashes for the look.






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  1. Love this Lucinka I have just come onto your website to find my wedding lashes. I’m immediately met with your fantastic piece. Thank you sweetie xxx

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