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Smouldering Smokey eye

A smokey eye will never go out of fashion

smokey eyes, winged eyeliner, wispy eyelashes
Be Boujie eyelashes make a smokey eye!

Once you know the basics to creating a smokey eye you can apply the knowledge and simply change the eyeshadow colours accordingly.

Since were all amazing individuals, we all differ in our looks, eyes shapes, skin types, lips, noses and all other attributes. This is a wonderful thing. So please be mindful that one look does not apply to all.


A Smokey eye can be teamed with any outfit for any occasion and the right pair of strip eyelashes will ensure your look is completed perfectly.

Follow the basic steps so that you can create your own smokey eye makeup:

  1. Frame the face by filling in your eyebrows first
  2. Clean off any excess oil on your eyelids
  3. Prime eyelids and block out any natural veins and colour- you can use a concealer or an eye primer
  4. Highlight under your brow bone with a metallic/frosty colour, pale colours work best for highlighting
  5. Use a fluffy blending brush and a matte nude transitional eyeshadow colour and buff this into your natural eye socket. This creates depth within the eye
  6. Choose a slightly darker colour now for your smokey eye and a slightly smaller brush to concentrate the dark colour even deeper into the sockets
  7. Now work your way in from the outside of the eyelid to the inside. The outside is where the darkest colour should be and you can gradually get lighter as you come towards the inner eye.
  8. Enhance your smokey eye with some black eyeliner. Dependant on your eye shape this may work well as a catty feline flick, if you have for example hooded eyes, simply follow the shape of your eye with the eyeliner. ( Eyeliner is a great tool for hiding the eyelash band!)
  9. Cut your CINK eyelashes to shape and apply our blue tint glue along the lash line. Leave to go tacky for 5 seconds before applying the eyelashes.
  10. Mirror what you have done the top eyelid on the bottom lid. If you want an extra smokey eye line your water line with a black gel liner because black gel eyeliner lasts much longer on your water line than a kohl pencil would.

Et Voila!!!


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  1. This Is a very beau look

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